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Whelped - May 24, 2013

Armani was one of 13 puppies born to Miss Kiss on her first litter with DC/AFC NMK's Molto Bene MH ROM, VCX. While Kiss handled the large litter like a pro Momma Dog the fact there were TWELVE MALES was a bit of a surprise!!!!


We went with Fashion Designers for the theme!! Along about week four a certain male began to follow me around, pester me to pick him up all the time and making sure I did not overlook him in the crowd!!!! He picked up the dead bird I brought home from a Hunt Test and took off with it.....his 12 littermates in hot pursuit!!!! Somehow Armani managed to close the deal at 7 weeks and is a new member of the NMK Team Orange!!!

ArmaniWith both Spirit and Duncan in his pedigree, he will be a valuable asset in future breedingplans. He and his littermates show incredible drive in the field for bird work and stylish, intense points!! Stevie and Armani love to race through theAgility Tunnel out back and he shows NO FEAR in unfamiliar situations!!!

Bold, stylish and working on being Prince of Nearly Everything....Armani will be a force to be reckoned with...I have no doubt!!!!!



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