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Kharma (formerly Pumpkin) came from the Flavors of Fall litter. Originally destined for a Dual home back East, she was bested at the last moment when the Husband fell in love with her adorable brother, the pick male Gingerbread (now Bravo)!!! She was already besties with Rylee, and promptly moved in and made herself right at home....LOL!!!

To date, Kharma has proven herself more than equal to the task of keeping up with Cole & Rylee in the field....totally unconcerned with tall cover and rough terrain!!! She is showing great style pointing her birds...already using her nose to find birds in cover, not just sight pointing. Kharma is fearless when it comes to picking up birds happily and a joyful willingness to retrieve to hand at this early age!!!

If Rylee continues to be her mentor in the field, she will learn to turn her freedom loving run into a few ribbons next year!! Kharma definitely loves to run out and explore at the 200 yard or more range!!! I will be looking forward to her field career in 2019, and hoping she does not injure her handler in the ring hitting the end of that lead at those first few dog shows!!! She loves to gait at he end of the lead...head & tail up, happy & wagging!!! Kharma is a pistol, to be sure!!! She loves life and every part of being a GSP!!!




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