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Brysnif NMK's White Winged Dove to NV JH


(CH NMK's Image to NV, MH X Brysnif Exquisite Rose) 1-5-2013

Breeder: Karen Clark, Australia | Owner: Carol Chadwick

"Of all God's miracles, large and small.
The most miraculous one of all,
Is the one I thought would never be
God has given you to me!!"
Fiddler on the Roof

Stevie Truer words were never spoken when it came to the monumental task of importing a GSP puppy from Australia.  Her pedigree caught my eye...a Tigger Grand daughter bred back to Tigger, and there before me was the opportunity to bring back a 20 year old pedigree with Snowy and Brittania as the double great grand parents...truly the gift of time!!!  With the generous loan from a good friend to afford the shipping charges from Australia, a willing co-conspirator to pick her up from the LAX airport and an FBI escort to Sacramento Easter weekend....all the road blocks fell away one by one and Stevie was here in America!!!  From the committee who combed through 8 weeks of photos to help me decide between the two white girls in the litter, to the outpouring of support of the entire GSP family......this labor of love definitely took a village!!!!

OFA Hips ExcellentGSP-16604E24F-VPI
OFA Elbows Good - GSP-EL2202F24-VPI
OFA Cardiac Normal (Cardiologist) GSP-CA1824/16F/C-VPI
Cone DegenerationGSP-CD729/16F-VPI

Stevie's temperament has proven to be her early hallmark...a wonderfully sweet and engaging puppy, her first task was to involve herself in helping to whelp Paige's litter with Grant...a task she threw herself into with joyous abandon!!!  She cleaned, nosed, watched and laid with those 8 pups from day one until the very day they went home!!!Stevie even would push the nursing babies back towards Paige with her nose if they rolled too far away from Mom!!!




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