Northwood Mountain Kennels
History of NMK
Northwood Mountain Kennels (NMK) was founded in 1972 in Middletown, California on Cobb Mountain.  My first GSP was purchased by a well meaning boyfriend as a gift from—of all places—a pet shop!!! I recovered, fortunately, by tracking down the mid-West breeder listed on my AKC papers and learned all I could about my pup's parents' lines and about her breeding program. My Maggie turned out to be an awesome hunter and her first litter was out of DC/AFC Erdenreich's Marz Marsh, CD. I decided early on to stake the NMK name on good temperaments and a Dual Quality breeding program. When I secured my first show puppy (and great hunter) NMK's Placer Country Snowbird, I had my foundation sire with Dual Quality to base my  future breeding program on.
I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of some longtime students of the GSP breed; Gert Dapper, Gene Harden, Betty Eschen and Sharon Waechter.  As mentors they had great insights into our breed and it's history.  They understood the profound importance of the Dual Champion in keeping our breed whole.  I also owe a huge debt of thanks to the "pedigree nuts" who could recite any dogs pedigree from memory, remember who produced what and who did not produce well. Libby de Mille and Robin Remondi are serious students of GSP pedigrees & history my breeding program owes all these mentors a debt of gratitude.

My breeding program has finished more Dual Champions than anyone else...ever. I believe a GSP should be able to hunt for you all day and sleep on your kid’s bed at night. My puppies go everywhere with me from birth ... work, training, etc. They are house raised, not warehoused and I do not sell my pups to kennel situations. My pups MUST go to home environments, yards must be fenced and they must be a part of family activities. NMK endeavors to breed top quality Dual dogs, provide full health disclosures and guarantees and honor the intentions of the GSP breed standard.  Style, stamina and desire serve as the hallmark for the NMK breeding program.

Carol Chadwick, Northwood Mountain Kennels


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