CH. NMK’s Samba d'Estrella, JH

(Ch. Robin Crest Silver Spirit, JH X NMK's Lil’ Miss Can't Be Wrong, JH)

"Lena Louise" aka, “HRH Twinkle Toes” lives in Woodinville, WA with her co-owners Larry and Shelley Schwerdt. Originally named Ginger as part of the Valentino harem she was renamed Lena Louise after Larry and Shelley’s respective German grandmothers. They note that she has lived up to the tenacious attitudes of these two grand ladies.

Lena - New Champion!

Lena has proven herself in every type of event she has participated in. Always owner-handled she made us all proud at the GSPCA National Specialty winning her class in the 9-12 Puppy Bitch class in both Sweepstakes and the Regular class, entries in both classes totaled 29 bitches. She went home and received her Junior Hunter title the following month. Six weeks later she was entered in a field trial where she won 1st place in Derby garnering two field trial points. Exactly two weeks after that at the ripe old age of 15months Lena took a five point major at the GSPC of Washington to finish her bench Championship. Needless to say we are all very proud of CH NMK’s Samba De L’Estrella, JH.

Lena On Point

Lena loves life and is quick to learn what is expected of her and then does her best to please you. Her greatest joy is when she and Shelley go swimming at a local dog spa. She is pushing hard for Shelley to take her to a water test so that she can try her paw in that venue as well. Like Larry and Shelley she is a California transplant to the Evergreen State where sunshine is a rare and prized treasure. Lena does not care if summer only lasts about six weeks she is negotiating hard for her own pool so that she can go swimming whenever the mood strikes. After all she has pointed out to all those who will listen it is the least her owner’s could do for a girl not even 1.5 years of age and already a GSPCA Versatile Award Qualifier.

Lena Stacked


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