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Current NMK Dogs

There is no denying the current group of doggie residents at NMK have some mighty big shoes to fill. While I don't think they lose any sleep (on my bed) worrying about the historical obligations they might have to live up to where the NMK legacy is concerned, I do!!!!

I am passionate about our German Shorthaired Pointer breeding program !!!! For over 30 years NMK has sought to pursue a consistent breed type that the early creators of this magnificent GSP breed envisioned: a beautiful, sound dog with superior style, stamina and desire in the field.

TEMPERAMENT matter what avenues you and your GSP choose to pursue in this life... you have to be able to live with them.  GSPs were created to be a versatile dog, capable of doing anything you took the time to train them to do. A GSP should be tractable and trainable... both traits lend a vital aspect to the GSP personality. 

I am committed to keeping those ideals in mind with every puppy produced at NMK.  I look to retain and expand the cherished GSP trait of being eager and willing to please their owners.  The NMK breeding program will continue to remain committed to a purebred GSP puppy that is not only a sweet companion, but serious bird dog.  While these GSPs were bred for beauty, they were born to hunt for you all day and sleep on your kid's bed every night.

Benny ~ BISS DC AFC NMK's Molto Bene, MH ROMXX VCX

Brisco ~ DC/GCh. NMK's Presumed Innocent SH NRD

Coltrane ~ GCH NMK's Ain't Misbehavin' MH NRD DS

Gracie Jean ~ BISS GCH. NMK's Perpetual Grace JH

Maverick ~ NMK's Top Gun To NV

Rylee ~ CH. NMK's Forever a Mystery JH NRD

Stevie ~ Brysnif NMK's White Winged Dove to NV JH

Tater ~ BISS GCH. NMK's Comfort Food For My Soul JH

KTMuch more than just another pretty face!

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...


...hunt me because I'm awesome!

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