Our Current Dogs:
DC/AFC Benny
DC Brisco
Gracie Jean

BISS GCH. NMK's Comfort Food For My Soul, JH

DC/AFC NMK's Molto Bene, MH ROM VCX & Ch. NMK's Forever a Mystery, JH NRD

"Tater Tot"

BISS Tater BISS gaiting


Tater JH

Tater was the first born of 11 puppies from DC/AFC Benny and my CH Rylee!! Never to be a follower, Rylee decided the last month of her pregnancy to refuse to eat dog food...so her diet became cheeseburgers, mac & cheese, etc. It became a running joke that it should be the theme of her litter.....and so it is!!!

Tater has figured out the doggie dog already and points birds with great style!! Gracie Jean is her mentor, so she is learning the ropes from a sweet, loving dog!! It will be fun to watch this baby grow up in the coming months!!

tater tater tater

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