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Paige is out of KT's second litter by DC Buster. She stood out from the other 5 girls in the litter mostly on movement at first, but when she grabbed the quail from her other 10 littermates and ran off for the farthest reaches of the backyard determined to keep her prize solely for herself---I knew I had found my puppy!!! Paige is focused and independent to the task at hand, even if it is to make a spot for herself under the blankets with KT and Ellie.

Paige has proven herself a quick study, reliably housebreaking herself at a very early age, even in the pouring down rain. She has completed her puppy retrieving training with enthusiasm and a style all her own!! She shows the style and determination of a puppy with a clear idea of how the world should be according to Paige.

There is a line in the late Dan Fogleberg's tribute to the Kentucky Derby "Run For The Roses" that says "It is breeding and training and something unknown that drives you and carries you home" Perhaps those words are destined to be part of Paige's story as well...


Paige at Day Camp



Health information:
OFA Hips Excellent GSP-14639E24F-NOPI
Elbows Normal GSP-EL1419F24-NOPI
Thyroid Normal GSP-TH313/24F-NOPI
CERF Normal GSP-2086N
CD Normal 12-3787
GSP-CA1231/32F/C-NOPI-ECHO Normal-Cardiologist - Echo

13 Weeks



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